Health and Safety

Health and safety of flour and Bran has been and remains our main goal. By term health we refer to the wheat quality we use to produce flour , in order to obtain high quality products with best nutritional qualities.

In support of this objective is available quality control team in collaboration with the laboratory of analysis, which ensure the quality of wheat and its derivatives. Of course that "health and safety " do not stay within the limits of determining the quality of wheat, but extends to the entirety of the production process, which ends when our product falls into the hands of the consumer. In our factory we possess machinery which ensures all processes: production, storage and distribution and to ensure the purity of the element such as magnets or other impurities. In conclusion we can say that we have achieved all necessary certifications and appropriate personnel under careful selection and maintain quality control, to offer consumers healthy and safety flour.
Our factory is certified by the following:
Attached ISO 9001-2008; 22000-2005