Responsibility for the Environment

The material for our work is wheat, which is the direct product of Mother Earth. In recent decades and years, Mother Earth has been damaged and these consequences are reflected in the quality and price of grain.

For this reason we make a special care in selecting and processing the wheat and we use a technology that ensures an environmental protection. We have been among the first to implement the grain's dry cleaning process. We practice the recycling policy for the papers that we use or from damaged packaging. Nowadays we have given a special importance for these environmental technologies such as:
Disinfection of insects and other parasites through the vacuum method instead of using chemical.
Thermal disinfection of insects and parasites in certain areas of the mill. We don't use chemicals, instead of that we use heat to disinfect and to prevent the development of insects in stored products, warehouse and anywhere. in order to avoid electricity waste, we use transparent tubes.
Cooperation with recycling companies
Control and continuous monitoring for the presence of pesticides and other substances in cereals and final product .
Also all of our vehicles are Euro 6 diesel engine which is cleaner than ever before, with permitted NOx (nitrogen oxide) levels reduced by 75% compared with Euro 5 standard. And thanks to changes governing the way particulates have to be measured, the reduction in PM (particulate matter) is closer to 99%!

Our goal is to continue the implementation of environmental policy and to increase our responsibility toward Mother Earth and Life.