Atlas is one of the largest and most influential factories in the Albanian market, since its inception in 2004.

As part of the history of Atlas Mills we gladly mention:

  • Since 1995, the ATLAS S.A. firm has been one of the biggest importers of flour in Albania. ATLAS S.A. Flour commands the leading position in the Albanian market, where ASSOS represents the flour with the highest sustainable quality standards and sales to the albanian bakeries.
  • In 1997, a plot of land of 33500 sq. meters was acquiered at the National Road Tirana – Durres, 6 km from the city center, 10 km from the airport and 35 km from Durres port.
  • In 1998 the distribution center (warehouse) of 1200 sq. meters was built so we could offer a much better service to our customers in central Albania.
  • In 2000, flour sales of ATLAS S.A. flour from Greece in the Albanian market reached the level of 10 million Euros.
  • In 2003, after a ten-year period of commitment in the Albanian market driven by our desire to succesfully achieve our vision and mission, we established a joint stock company along with our capable partners, Mr. Refat Mustafaraj and Mr. Dimitrios Thomoglou.
  • Further, in June 2003, we started the construction of a large mill, applying the most modern technology.
  • We completed a major investment worth 12 million Euros, combining our long experience in producing high quality flour with the excellent knowledge of the local market.
  • 2005 - ATLAS starts its full operation. The main activities are based on flour production and trade. By assessing the confidence of our clients as the most valuable thing for us, our goal is to offer our products, based on a perfect harmony of quality, stable performance and best price.
  • We feel that it's our duty to bring to the albanian consumer the best processed grain and not only. This by providing the best quality and prices fully accessible by everyone.
  • Starting from General Director to the simple employee we bear the responsibility of serving the best products on the tables of all Albanians,certified by European standards.
  • We are proud to bring to you the first fortified flour in Albania rich in iron and folic acid.

Atlas Mills industrial facility includes:

  • 6 production lines;
  • Production capacity of 300 tons of wheat/24 hours;
  • A silos grain storage capacity of 10320 tons;
  • A storage capacity of about 500 tons of flour in silos;
  • A storage capacity of about 90 tons of bran;
  • A traditional stone mill;
  • A warehouse with storage capacity of 350 tons of goods;
  • A super modern chemical laboratory,equipped with the latest technological equipement,as well as an experimental oven;
  • A team of professionals for technical support to all professional bakers;

As TITANS,one thing we know for sure. Atlas will continue to work hard,to always bring the best in your tables,and our passion for quality will never fade away.