Production Process

Buying wheat - Storage

Wheat is the base for the mills of Atlas.In Atlasmills , our main goal is to provide highly qualitative material from countries like Russia , Hungary , France and Germany etc .

After taking each sample, we made their meticulous control through special chemical analysis in our laboratory. The wheat processing begins only after obtaining confirmation from the laboratory to meet the standards required by Atlas mills. Before processing the wheat, it is first cleaned of all impurities that may be in.

Wheat cleansing

The wheat is cleaned in special machinery of the latest technology, to remove all particles or substances contained in wheat as rocks, hull, or other impurities.
The cleaning process is mechanical, so are not used chemicals. After finishing the cleaning process, a certain amount of water is added to the wheat in order to make it more workable. After this process, the wheat is ready to move to the mill.


After cleaning , the grain passes in the grinding process which is made in the cylinders mills , from where later on special sieves will be drawn three main products : Flour - Semolina - Bran . If we we want to produce integral flour, the final product obtained from the sieves, will be a single one of the three aforementioned products.


After the milling process, flour is stored in special silloza . The produced flour has special features, depending on the grain type. At this stage it is necessary to get mixed in the mixer, which can be done with different grain types, to achieve a quality result and very good consistency. Mixing in mixer helps to get a high quality and long-lasting product.
The product is now ready for packaging and distribution.

Packaging - Distribution

The final product is subject to the relevant analysis in the laboratory quality control, and after receiving the approval that meets the specifications, it is ready for distribution. Packaging sizes for practicality use are the formats of 50 and 25 kg, or in formats for family use as 0.5, 1 and 5 kg.
Packaged flour is stored for short periods of time in stock until is taken to the retail points.